Follow the Son!

Trinity is Us and its You! All are created imago dei…in the image of God.

We are a group of grace-filled Christians who gather Sunday at 10:00am in a large space reminiscent of turn of the century (20th Century that is) protestant churches, complete with beautiful stained-glass, recessed altar, communion railing, hard pews, pipe organ and a balcony. The power of the Holy Spirit gathers us solely to give thanks and praise to God for Jesus Christ. Our worship is rooted in the medieval traditions of Saxony because…we are Lutherans. Yet we spans a variety of traditions which provides a rich base from which to draw from.

So come. Enter into a place and community that worships, engages the Word of God, and feasts at the Table set by Jesus. Each of us has the fingerprints of God all over every part of our body and being. Since you are God’s and formed by God in His image for a dedicated purpose, the Holy Spirit is calling you to join in thanks and praise to Him. See you Sunday!

Staff and Leadership


Rev. David J. Smith, is ordained clergy in both the Lutheran Churches in Mission with Christ (LCMC), and North American Lutheran Church (NALC). Ordained on April 16, 2000, he has served in solo, team, and mission settings. A MDiv Graduate of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, SC; Rev. Smith served in Metropolis, IL, Batesville, IN, Greenwood, IN, and Hebron, KY. Most recently he was a full-time Chaplain at the Miami Correctional Facility, Bunker Hill, IN. ‘Pastor Dave’ joined Trinity in September 2019.


Sandy Homburg assumed this formal role on staff several years ago, but has been an active member of the congregation for decades. She brings efficiency and wisdom to this role since often our secretary is first contact for visitors, members, vendors and those seeking assistance. A dedicated farm spouse, and proud Grandmother, she brings a strong business ethic with a compassionate heart.


Tom Scherer knows the facility and all its quirks, imperfections, and maintenance needs. He brings years of experience and a sharp focus on keeping the facility functional and safe – considering its structural age, beauty, and historical significance.


Jacob Minns joined our staff as Organist in July 2022. Jacob is a quiet and exceptionally talented organist from Peru, IN. He shares his gift and love of the pipe organ at Trinity in Logansport, and also St. Charles Catholic Church in Peru. Jacob shares his love for music and the pipe organ in communities throughout the U.S. He has conducted numerous recitals across Indiana, Washington, DC, and Newark, NJ. Locally, Jacob is one of the ‘Calliope Kings’ of Peru, involved in playing, restoring, and preserving these ancient instruments.

LEADERSHIP TEAM – aka Church Council

Trinity was formed from two congregations (St. Luke’s and Grace Lutheran Churches) in 1973 – 50 Years ago!

Our mission on ‘The Point’ in Logansport began in 1908 and we continue to serve the community through that original facility.

Heading into the next half century, the Trinity is led by a Team of Leaders: Jeff Kreighbaum – President; Deanna Crispen – Secretary; Ben Durr – Vice President; and Tom Scherer -Property Liaison.